Education | Burke Burke

Burke & Burke’s educational programme meets the specific need for deep and broad range training. We endeavour to better respond to the individual needs of each customer by searching and experimenting innovative, comprehensive integrated and synergic educational solutions.
Each hospital or hospital unit is a world of its own and is unique because of its very environmental set-up and the strategies it implements and therefore requires a highly flexible educational support. A customised education project can be configured to better meet the customer’s requirements.
The educational path is designed so that, with our support, the customer can gradually develop its competences over a pre-defined learning route, built on two or more layers. The goal of our educational programme is to allow the implementation of new technologies speeding up the learning process and developing competences within the hospital unit as homogeneous and shared as possible. Besides, through the implementation of inter-functional paths that combine and activate different educational modules, it is possible to develop a logic-based decisional process.
The tuition is entrusted to clinical and product managers who ensure the gradual and complete learning, through their proven teaching methods.