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We partner with major international companies that are leaders in their specific fields. We constantly research innovative products and solutions to be proposed to our customers to enable them to improve critical patient care.

Is the world leader in aerosol nebulized drug delivery. It’s a key player in all hospital wards particularly in emergency and intensive care units all around the world.
Aerogen has developed a portable system for continuous or intermittent nebulization of drugs during mechanical ventilation (invasive and noninvasive), either during an high flow therapy (HFT) as well as in spontaneous breathing.

Is the manufacturer of nëo™ which is the easiest to use cerebral function monitor (CFM) solution available for NICUs. Designed according to  NICU’s workflows, offers easy solutions for electrode application needed  for monitoring as well as  for events annotation and review/evaluation. The nëo CFM easily integrates into the NICU’s neonatal brain monitoring protocols.

Is a Japanese multinational company involved in the development and production of dedicated neonatal intensive care equipment since many years. In particular, the company specializes in the design of ward incubators and neonatal transport incubators with very high technological content and renowned for their reliability.

Is a Biomedical company born with the aim of supporting hospitals with an innovative solution for Total Serum Bilirubin (TSB) screening, facilitating early identification of infants requiring phototherapy treatment. The project was created with the intention of reducing the incidence of Kernittero/Acute Bilirubin Encephalopathy (ABE), conditions that affect thousands of newborns worldwide.

Founded in 1993, is an international leader in medical devices, consumables and healthcare solutions. The company is considered a leading innovator in the field of bedside and centralized vital parameter monitoring and is focused on developing technology based on the experience of healthcare professionals to best meet their daily needs.

Has been engaged in the development of airway management (treatment?) solutions for more than 30 years, offering a wide portfolio of products used in various hospital departments from Intensive Care to Neonatology, from Pulmonology to Resuscitation.

Founded in 1955 in Nevada USA, HAMILTON CO., opened its HAMILTON MEDICAL division in Switzerland in 1983 with the aim of manufacturing Lung Ventilators for Critical Areas to improve the condition of mechanically ventilated patients and optimize therapy processes for medical personnel. This is now possible thanks to a new generation of lung ventilators characterized by innovative ventilation modes and advanced respiratory mechanics monitoring. The perfect typical Swiss combination of high technology and reliability.

Founded in 2011, is a company that produces innovative, state-of-the-art medical devices in the Critical Care Area.
The VENTWAY SPARROW family of ventilators are state-of-the-art mechanical ventilation devices intended for the mechanical ventilation of pediatric and adult patients in emergency situations, both in extra-hospital and intra-hospital also in the MRI environment. The ventilators feature minimal size and weight so as to ensure the highest transportability in all emergency situations with unmatched ventilation performance

Is a global supplier of medical devices for non-invasive ventilation and thermo-regulation of premature and neonatal patients in delivery rooms and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

Is a leading German company manufacturing a wide range of innovative Critical Care solutions for all types of patients: adult, pediatric and neonatal. The company stands out in the production of anesthesia and resuscitation systems and in the field of pulmonary ventilation.

Is an American company leader in manufacturing oximeters, flowmeters and mixers since many years. All its product portfolio finds easy application worldwide both in neonatal and adult sectors.

Develops and manufactures innovative solutions for the Non-Invasive Respiratory Support (NIV) of premature and neonatal patients. Medin Medical Innovations GmbH provides a full range of products for delivery rooms, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and during transport of the preterm patient.

Is a Korean company that has focused its business on making medical devices for noninvasive respiratory support. The products provides the patient, in addition to adequate respiratory support, proper humidification and warming of the airway as well as control of key parameters essential in the daily work of healthcare professionals

Manufactures the BiliCare system that measures bilirubin levels using patented technology to provide highly accurate results. The system makes the measurement by transmitting light at different wavelengths through the outer ear. The amount of light absorbed by bilirubin is calculated according to a customized algorithm.

Is an American multinational corporation mainly engaged in manufacturing medical devices for Ventilation and Anesthesia. In particular, the company has been internationally recognized for its excellence in the production of CO2 detectors in patient exhalation and neonatal resuscitators.

Is a company of experts in MRI-compatible products with over 35 years of experience. They develop and manufacture their patient monitors and accessories MRI-compatible exclusively in Germany, then exporting worldwide.

Is a young medtech company focused to improve the emergency care given to newborn babies needing respiratory support at birth.
Monivent Neo100 is a medical device providing continuous feedback on the volumes of air given to the baby during manual ventilation. It is a wireless add-on to existing ventilation equipment and it supports caregivers in achieving safe and effective ventilation of newborns

Is the global leader in innovative Minute Ventilation Monitoring, useful across a wide variety of patient populations and environments to assess respiratory function and provide a early warning of respiratory collapse.

Is a Swiss company specializing in the production of medical instruments for continuous, noninvasive monitoring of patient vital parameters. In recent years, the company has also gained international prominence with its digital sensors for continuous detection of carbon dioxide and functional oxygen saturation.

Is a multinational company with more than 60 years of experience in the biomedical industry that since 80’s has exclusively designed and manufactured neonatal ventilators.
Newborn care is indeed a highly specialized area, which the company has decided to focus on by providing   more and more high-performance devices over the time

Is a Brazilian-born company driven by a cause: to make precision medicine a reality in lung ventilation for the benefit of patients, health care providers and hospitals. With a highly skilled multidisciplinary team, the company is focused on developing noninvasive supporting technologies for state-of-the-art lung ventilation based on Electrical Impedance Tomography, which provides real-time images of lung activity.

Is an American group that has dedicated itself over the years to the development of unique and advanced non-invasive ventilatory support technologies: High Velocity Therapy. Vapotherm’s High Velocity Therapy makes possible to rethink the traditional approach to ventilatory support by taking into account patient comfort without the use of a mask, but still providing the necessary ventilation and oxygenation.