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Magnetic Resonance


Burke&Burke offers an Anesthesia System compatible with the MRI environment to meet the needs of the most modern hospital facilities and operating blocks. The system is complete with two or three vaporizers, absorber circuit and electronic ventilator with different ventilation modes. Ask for more info
Assisting people having problems of breathing has always been a goal of our company . Today Burke&Burke provides clinical staff with a range of innovative solutions to better meet the specific needs of the patient in different clinical situations.. The result is a complete solution created with a view to maximum clinical efficiency. Ask for more info
Detection, visualization and storage of vital signs is the fundamental element for observation and consequent evaluation of even the most critical patient conditions. Burke&Burke has for years been involved in meeting multiple patient monitoring needs providing solutions that meet a wide variety of vital sign monitoring needs: from simple pulse oximeter, to portable multi-parameter monitors to sophisticated centralized monitoring systems for intensive care and operating rooms. Ask for more info