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Adult Sub-Intensive Care Unit


Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is a safe, versatile and effective technique that can avert side effects and complications associated with endotracheal intubation. Ask for more info
High Flow Ventilation is a strategy providing good comfort for the patient through warmed and humidified gas flow delivered via nasal prongs. It preserves high FiO2 and generates a low level of positive pressure in the upper airways due to a high flow of gas, which also provides washout of dead space in the upper airways. Ask for more info
In support of its range of adult ventilators, Burke & Burke offers a choice of high-tech products for drugs nebulization in mechanical ventilation. Ask for more info
Ensuring adequate ventilation is one of the most important factors when caring for a patient. Lung monitoring systems provide continuous and real-time feedback relating to various patient parameters, allowing safe and gentle ventilation treatment. Ask for more info
Detection, visualization and storage of vital signs is the fundamental element for observation and consequent evaluation of even the most critical patient conditions. Burke&Burke has for years been involved in meeting multiple patient monitoring needs providing solutions that meet a wide variety of vital sign monitoring needs: from simple pulse oximeter, to portable multi-parameter monitors to sophisticated centralized monitoring systems for intensive care and operating rooms. Ask for more info
Transcutaneous measurement technique overcomes limitation of arterial blood gases and helps healthcare personnel to guide ventilation and oxygenation-related treatments in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. With long autonomy and large memory capacity, the systems can also be used during transport or at home. Ask for more info